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Alt-Right Radio

Feb 9, 2018

Richard returns and joins Hannibal Bateman, Don Camillo and Gregory Conte to discuss 1) Stock Market wavering: The DJ has lost almost 3,000 points in two weeks. The edging is delightful. But when will it finally bust? 2) Budget Deal (starts 34.00): National Parks will remain open! No real change on immigration, but Pelosi really revealed her hand. 3) Triumphator Trump (starts 44.15) : El Presidente wants a parade. This is cool. Militaries need pomp. 4) Racial Gaslighting hits new levels (starts 1:05.47): The press is in race-denial overdrive. Scientists now claim Cheddar man was dark-skinned. Was the Ice Man also black? The narrative keeps getting dumber.