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Alt-Right Radio

Oct 11, 2017

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most NOT GAY weekday news program. The sharpest minds, realest sources, the most HETEROSEXUAL positions.

## Panel
Richard Spencer
Hannibal Bateman
Don Camillo
Greg Ritter

## 1. MILO is actually awesome!
As it turns out, the Alt-Lite leading icon sees his career implode BEFORE his immune system. The panel looks back at the career and impact of the "Dangerous Faggot."

## 2. Pulp Friction
Harvey Weinstein proves, once again, that physiognomy is destiny. Is this par for the course in Hollywood, just another example of the “casting couch”? Or does the scandal hint at something much darker in the heart of Hollywood?

## 3. Dissecting Vegas
It has been 10 days since the Las Vegas shooting, which resulted in 59 WHITE PEOPLE killed and another 489 wounded. The press and the government still not providing answers. What the fuck.

## Contraception
On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Session issued guidelines to government agencies and prosecutors, advising them to grant exemptions to organizations in which sincere religious belief conflicted with anti-discrimiantion legislation. The panel discusses the contradictions of "religious freedom"?