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Alt-Right Radio

Nov 15, 2017

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most respected mid-week news program. The sharpest minds, realest sources, the most mainstream positions.
This week’s panel: 
Richard Spencer, Co-Editor of
Hannibal Bateman, struggling intellectual.
Don Camillo, anti-Gaulist, adventurer.
Greg Ritter, fair and balanced moderator
Issue 1: Roy Moore Scores 
Accusations have crept up that Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore dated and possibly diddled teenage girls when he was a dashing young lawyer in the 1980s. Roy Moore has flatly denied some allegations, but equivocated on others. In Moore’s words, If I did, I’m not going to dispute these things, but I don’t remember anything like that.” 
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has now officially thrown Moore under the bus, claiming that he believes the women” and wants Moore to step aside. This brings into question whether the Republicans would seat Moore even if won. A recent Emerson College poll reveals that Moore still holds a commanding 10-point lead over challenger Doug Jones in a poll taken after the allegations were first levied in the Washington Post
Will Roy Moore back down, or will he double down?
Issue 2: Based Poles  
Sunday, 60,000 people staged a hardcore nationalist rally in Warsaw. The rally marked the anniversary of Poland’s re-emergence as a nation after WWI. It was a fantastic show of clean, healthy patriotism.
Many on the right are well disposed to nations like Poland, who have a nationalistic culture, strong religiosity, relatively high birth-rates, and who adhere to normal gender roles. Other former Eastern Bloc countries exhibit these trends, for example Hungary, the Baltics, the former Yugoslav states, and the Ukraine. 
But based Poland” isn’t what it seems. While its people may be grounded in patriotism, its government is just as ZOGged as any other.
What should our perspective be on nationalistic feeling in the former eastern bloc?
Issue 3: Pestis Negra?
The plague has broken out in Madagascar. It has claimed upwards of 160 lives, and around 2000 have been infected. Ten nearby countries are on high-alert. This plague is remeniscent of 2014’s ebola epidemic.
Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. It is home to an eclectic array of plant and animal life, due to the fact that its landmass was most recently connected with what is now India, and not Africa. It was one of the last places on earth to be settled, probably sometime in the first few centuries AD. Moreover, it was not settled by Africans, but rather Polynesian migrants who sailed across the Indian Ocean. 
Will the Black Death finally live up to its name?
* * *  
Up Against The Paywall 
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AltRight Plus: Bannon Republic
Steve Bannon is still trying to build a brand. 
For much of 2016, the mainstream media and Alt-Right agreed: Steve Bannon was our guy.” While liberals viewed Bannon as the grim reaper, we overlooked his glaring ideological faults and inconsistencies, viewing him as fellow traveller, or at least someone who connected directly to the rural and suburban White base. 
In a recent interview with the New York Times, Bannon claimed that the alt-right is a media fabrication,” lacking in meaning and purpose.” He expressed that his economic nationalist” agenda, which remains vaguely defined, will unite all people, creeds, and sexual orientations.”  
But Bannon isn’t opposed to all ethno-nationalisms, it seems. Tonight he was a speaker at the Zionist Organization Gala, whose abbreviation, is all too telling.
Will Bannon ever get out of our way…