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Alt-Right Radio

Jan 19, 2018

Eli Mosley joins Richard, Don and Greg to discuss ISSUE 1) Muh Russia now in its 18th month. Mueller investigation goes after Bannon. Also in Washington: the now-annual ritual speculation about a government-shutdown.

ISSUE 2) The CIA hires Chinese people. Yet another Chinese spy caught. Jerry Chun Shing Lee might have been behind Bejing's successful takedown of the CIA's spy-network in China between 2010 and 2012. (starts 35.25)

ISSUE 3) James O'Keefe exposes Twatter. Project Veritas reveals that social-media Leviathan Twatter censors people at the behest of Iran, China, and the US. FOX News is surprised. (starts 52.44)

ISSUE 4) KAZAKHSTAN DUMPS CYRILLIC! Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced that the Kazakh language will transition from Cyrillic to Latin script by 2025. This move will subject the noble, freedom-loving people of the central Asian steppe to the linguistic influence of ZOG. Save our horse-archer, Neo-Scythian brothers! Write you local Kazakh embassy. Tell them: Latinization is Mongrolization. (starts 1.12.40)

ISSUE 5) Russia Insider names the Jew. Web-magazine Russia Insider ran a 5000-word, front-page article announcing that it will henceforth address the JQ frankly. Editor Charles Bausman, the article's author, also endorsed the Alt-Right. What a bold move. Congratulations, Charles! (starts 1.34.00)