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Alt-Right Radio

May 28, 2017

Alt-Right Politics Sunday returns with Richard Spencer, Greg Ritter, and Hannibal Bateman. This week's show: ISSUE 1) Hadjis, Heebs and Eurocrats, oh my! Trump's jaunt through Riyadh, Jerusalem, Rome and Brussels. The neocons are back on top. ISSUE 2) Kushner gets Rosenberged. The Russia-narrative claims a new victim. Kushner? But why tho? ISSUE 3) Zbigniew Brzizinsky dies. Remember the good old days of FP realism? Remember when US FP had room for the occasional eclectic, non-Semitic foreigner? Take a trip down memory lane to the Johnson and Carter administrations. ISSUE 4) The Spy who Slew Me: DNC staffer Seth Rich turns up dead on a DC street. The media reluctantly blames dindus, while h8chan blames Hilary. Did Seth leak the Wikileaks? Assange strongly implies yes, Kim Dotcom offers to testify. This is nuts.